3 Ways to Get Seen by Those Who See Too Much

Our email inboxes, social media feeds and search results inundate us with commercials and advertisements. We open our postal boxes and we find a handful of flimsy, sad-looking flyers.  TV commercials are mostly skipped over now with the rising popularity of DVR’s and Netflix.  In a sense, we are become numb to advertising.

For businesses and non-profits, this makes it increasingly harder to get noticed of your targeted demographic.  A run-of-the-mill advertisement just won’t cut it anymore, you’ll end up in the trash.  As a marketer, you have to create a marketing piece that stands out. Below are three tips to help you get seen.


Staying in Touch over the Summer

With the summer in full swing, that means many of your customers and clients are out taking their vacations.  You’re bound to see your fair share of “out of the office” auto-responders this time of the year.  This can make staying in contact difficult.  However, that doesn’t mean you should write off all communication completely. Here are a few tips on how to stay in touch with your customers: (more…)

Driving Web Traffic through the use of QR Codes

Online marketers are always looking for great ways to drive traffic to websites.  Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, etc, are all common techniques to get visitors to your website.  Another method?  Adding QR codes to your print marketing materials. (more…)

Named #1 Printer by InBusiness!

We are incredibly proud to announce that we were selected as the #1 Commercial Printer in Madison, WI by InBusiness Magazine for 2013.  This is the 9th year in a row that we have been selected for this honor.

The passion for creating quality work, from both our staff and our clients, has no doubt helped us receive this recognition.  We have, and will continue to provide customers  with products and services to help them communicate their message effectively.

Thank you!


3 Ways Signs and Banners Work to Help your Business

In the competitive business world we live in, you need to find a way to make your organization stand out amongst the rest.  Your brand, your message, your products and services have to grab the attention of possible customers.   With competitors in your same market, how are you going to be seen?


Are you prepared for that upcoming trade show?

As a visitor, it’s not very hard to spot the trade show booth that came underprepared.  Even the staff working the booth can look around and see they were not ready; trying to gather the necessary materials at the last minute, or digging up old marketing pieces from the storage room.  Without a doubt, visitors will associate the lack of effort with your brand.


10 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is one of those aspects of your business that can quickly become ignored.  Other daily aspects of running a business tend to take priority over marketing it.  In the short run, this may be necessary.  However, in the long run, ignoring your marketing efforts can have a negative effect on your business.


3 Keys to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Mailing campaigns, like virtually all other marketing campaigns, are what you make of them.  You can have wildly successful mailings that draw in large numbers of new customers, giving you a great ROI on your project; OR you can have a mailing that may give you a slight fizzle of new customers, just breaking even on your investment.


Why The Paper Supplier Matters

Paper is paper many may think.  If you have two business cards in front of you, same weight, same finish, you may question if there is any difference between the two.   Well, how about which paper mill they came from?


The Value of Direct Mail in a Digital World

98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered.  77% of those people sort their mail immediately after bringing it in.* The idea is simple, people still get excited about receiving physical mail.  Sure, they are looking to see what bills have arrived, but they are also looking for something exciting that is addressed specifically to them.