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Staying in Touch over the Summer


With the summer in full swing, that means many of your customers and clients are out taking their vacations.  You’re bound to see your fair share of “out of the office” auto-responders this time of the year.  This can make staying in contact difficult.  However, that doesn’t mean you should write off all communication completely. Here are a few tips on how to stay in touch with your customers:

Send a Postcard – A fun postcard, maybe with a handwritten note, provides a meaningful channel to stay in contact.  Any customer would be happy to return from a vacation to receive a friendly postcard thanking them for their business and offering help.

Plan a Visit – Feel like you can never get ahold of a contact?  Try planning a visit for a future date when everyone is back in the office.  End of summer meetings are a great time to have an account review with a client, and double-check that they are utilizing your service offering.

Social Media Connection – Have you ‘liked’, ‘pinned’, ‘followed’, ‘+1ed’ your customers yet?  It can be very beneficial to look up your customer’s social media accounts and connect.  Not only does this help show your appreciation of the relationship, but it can also provide you with some very useful information and news about their organization.

Offer Incentives – Sometimes it helps to incentivize  your customers to pull the trigger on some projects over the summer.  Little promotions, or discounts on some of your offerings can help get the ball rolling.