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Driving Web Traffic through the use of QR Codes


Online marketers are always looking for great ways to drive traffic to websites.  Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, etc, are all common techniques to get visitors to your website.  Another method?  Adding QR codes to your print marketing materials.

QR codes provide a simple and efficient way for readers to visit web pages with long URLs without having to type the address into their browser’s address bar.  Instead of having to remember a long chains of words, dashes, slashes and what have yous,  people can simply aim their smartphone’s camera at your QR code and be taken to the page directly.  Best of all, it’s very easy to use a QR code generator and create a QR code.


QR Code Scenarios:

Trade shows – One of the most common places we see our clients using QR codes on their print material is at trade shows or conventions.  By having QR codes on your printed handouts, you provide your booth’s visitor the opportunity to easily visit specific product or service webpages.  Additionally, it allows your employees that are staffing your booth the ability to pull up information on the web to show to visitors quickly.

Direct Mail  – Let’s make the assumption that the design of the direct mail piece you send out is already attention grabbing and awesome.  Now that your reader is interested, you want them to have access to more information.  QR codes would allow the reader to pull out their smartphone, and access a specific page about the promotion featured on the direct mail piece.

Event Promotion– Have an upcoming event?  Adding a QR code linked to the event’s web page is incredibly beneficial.  Whether it be on flyers, posters, brochures, mailers, or whatever printed means you are using to promote the event.  The QR code will provide an easy action step for the reader.

Signs and Tours – If you are in an industry where you have visitors that walk through your location and view various products, thoughtfully placed QR codes can be great.  Imagine you are walking through your favorite craft brew store, and you come across a sign that reads, “Beer of the Month”.  Wouldn’t it be great to learn more about it!?  Why not place a QR code on the sign that links up to a blog post on the spirit shop’s website that describes the brew, and the brewery?

And More…  It’s cliche, but there really are lots of ways to drive web traffic through the use of QR codes.  Be creative with your next marketing piece.