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The Value of Direct Mail in a Digital World


98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered.  77% of those people sort their mail immediately after bringing it in.* The idea is simple, people still get excited about receiving physical mail.  Sure, they are looking to see what bills have arrived, but they are also looking for something exciting that is addressed specifically to them.

It’s likely that it wouldn’t be hard for you to think of a few interesting direct mailing pieces you have received recently.  Even if the product or service didn’t interest you, you held it in your hand and eyed it over.  If the design was interesting, or something popped out, you read through it more thoroughly.  If the marketing piece was from a brand you like, you may have even saved it for a while.

This physical, hold in your hand aspect to direct mail, is a value that is hard to replicate.  Email marketing is another great low-cost way to get the word out for your product.  However, the reality is that emails don’t mean as much to the end consumer.  Only around 10% of all email marketing pieces that are sent are actually opened.  Spam filters play a role in stopping your message from getting to your audience, blocking messages that are often times legitimate.  Consumers too, though, are beginning to become less interested in the messages they receive in their email inbox, deleting messages before opening them.

There is something about the physical marketing piece that as consumers, we will always see an intrinsic value in. We enjoy receiving a promotional piece, especially with a creative design, and addressed to us.  Even if we are not interested in the offer, we at least look at it, which is rare with online marketing. Surely direct mail is a little more costly than online marketing, but relative to its effectiveness, the investment is well worth with it.

*Deliver  Magazine – July 1 2011