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3 Ways to Get Seen by Those Who See Too Much


Our email inboxes, social media feeds and search results inundate us with commercials and advertisements. We open our postal boxes and we find a handful of flimsy, sad-looking flyers.  TV commercials are mostly skipped over now with the rising popularity of DVR’s and Netflix.  In a sense, we are become numb to advertising.

For businesses and non-profits, this makes it increasingly harder to get noticed of your targeted demographic.  A run-of-the-mill advertisement just won’t cut it anymore, you’ll end up in the trash.  As a marketer, you have to create a marketing piece that stands out. Below are three tips to help you get seen.

1. A Message That Resonates – It’s seems that often the message of a marketing piece is rushed.  It’s a last minute copy writing exercise.  However, a well thought out message that resonates with your target audience can be the difference between a highly successful marketing piece, and one that flops. The more specific and singular the message, the more likely it will stick.

2. Professional, Creative Design – Design matters.  I see WAY too many direct mail pieces, billboard advertisements or email campaigns that use generic looking templates or a “budget” design approach.  This is your brand you are talking about!  Getting a professional design done on your marketing piece will make it stand out, and also validate the professionalism and creativity of your organization.

3. Medium Matters – One of the most prominent features of print marketing is that your audience gets a physical, hold in their hand, feel with their fingers, piece of your marketing campaign. Based on your message and design, selecting the right mediums to utilize can really make a difference in campaign effectiveness. If you are not sure yourself, talking to your designer or print consultant for their opinion is good idea.