Tea Package Design

About the Client

A true powerhouse in the online world, trends are everywhere! Whether they’re fashion trends, marketing trends, or design trends (arguably the best of the trends), no one can deny their influence in today’s fast-paced world. So, naturally, we can’t get enough!

For this month’s design challenge, we featured some of our favorite Graphic Design Trends for 2024, and put them to use in some pretty clever packaging for a product that’s been trending for thousands (yes, thousands) of years. Can you guess what it is? It’s tea! And since our creative team loves all things tea, and they love design, this challenge was an easy sell.

Check out our inspired takes on tea packaging below. In such a competitive market, these creative designs are true standouts!

Project Goals:

Design Challenge Parameters:

Project Type: Tea Package Design

Style: Choose one of the graphic design trends from our 2024 Trends Blog and incorporate into your overall design

Logo: Word or Image

Goal: Showcase the personality of your tea through its packaging


  • Annona- Hand-Drawn Illustration
  • essentia- Fonts with Flair
  • PURRRTEA- AI Image Generation
  • Nature’s Nectar- Abstract Geometry
  • HATHI- Maximalism
Categories: Creative Design