Sports Mascot Logo

About the Client

It’s cold. And the sun is playing a relentless game of hide and seek, in which the odds are never in our favor. But we have an answer to the brutal winds, long nights, and frozen windshields. Sports! Obviously. And snacks. Lots of snacks. Here in the Badger State, we love some competition, and we love our teams. Whether it’s football, basketball, volleyball, or beer pong, sports sustain us during the colder months.

Always game for a challenge, our graphic design team was feeling inspired to show some love to our favorite pastime and give some recognition to the beloved team mascot. But which animal do you choose for the ultimate champion of cheer? (This is where things went off the rails a bit.) And … a sports mascot logo design challenge was born.

From mythical creatures to ferocious grizzlies, a baseball obsessed octopus, and a bird of prey with a mid-century spin, our team covered it all with these logos. This competition was too close to call, but we love the results! Maybe we’ll pick a winner later. After the snacks.

Project Goals:

Design Challenge Parameters:

Project Type: Team Mascot Logo

Sport: Your choice

Target Audience: High School or College Team

Include: Team Name

Color Palette: Have fun with it!

Categories: Creative Design • Design Challenges