Floral Boutique Poster

About the Client

Known for their symbolic power, flowers have been a favorite of artists for millennia (aka a really long time). And the growth of flora followers continues even today. Simply scroll through your social media accounts, and you’re bound to find a floral influencer or two. (You know, somewhere between the “Angry Ikea Guy” and the latest TikTok challenge.) And once we took their phones away, our team embraced the chance to create some cool vintage posters featuring their favorite florals. Whether in muted tones or bright pops of color, these natural beauties are definitely trending!

Project Goals:

Design Challenge Parameters:

Goal: Promote a product, service or event

Type: Poster 11×14

Business: Floral Boutique

Style: Minimal | Vintage

Logo Type: Text

Categories: Creative Design • Design Challenges