About the Client

ALCIVIA is a leading, member-owned agricultural and energy cooperative located in Wisconsin and serving customers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa. They provide expertise, service, and products in the areas of agronomy, animal nutrition, energy, and grain, and have a full portfolio of options for low-interest operating loans and input financing.

Project Goals:
  • Deploy their new brand, ALCIVIA, which brings together engaged employees from two legacy cooperatives with a single mission, shared vision and common values.
  • To share the excitement of the merger with the new name which represents the very best of both cooperatives. The name ALCIVIA says “all together” in a distinctive way, coming from the same root as common words for community like “civic” and “civility.”
  • Introduce a newly developed logo to employees and customers with an upward-facing arrow shape to reaffirm their forward-thinking, positive culture.
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