Spooky fonts display on a sign

If you’re like me, Halloween is your favorite time of the year! Paper bats adorn the living rooms walls, spiderwebs hang from a mirror above the mantel, lined with festive black candles and eerie Halloween prints. Orange and purple lights illuminate the front of the house. There’s a slight chill in the air … because Halloween is finally here!

Thinking about creating your own spooky designs? Maybe you need to design a marketing promotion for work or the annual Halloween party invite? The number of Halloween fonts online can be a bit … scary … so below I’ve compiled a few of my favorites. I personally like the look of grunge fonts and brush script fonts like Charlietta De Angela and Black Mud – replicating fonts used in authentic spell books. I also enjoy the more traditional Halloween fonts like Skull Story and A Dripping Marker (Is it really marker? Or is it vampire blood?) It’s amazing how fonts can depict a certain mood and feel for your audience. Here’s your chance to have some fun creating eerie designs using these spine-chilling fonts.

Click on the links below to download some insanely spooky fonts for free.

6 Free Spooky Fonts

Barheto Vintage | Charlietta de Angela | Skull Story | Nightmare Pills | Black Mud | A Dripping Marker

Do you have a favorite spooky quote or saying? Maybe a line from Sleepy Hollow or a cult classic like Hocus Pocus? Since everyone seems to be in the Halloween spirit, I decided to have fun with these fonts by creating a few downloadable prints using some of my favorite Halloween quotes. All are sized to 8″ x 10″ and in PDF format – just click, print, frame, hang … and howl at the moon.

Spooky Printables

I Put A Spell On You | Double Double | Trick or Treat | Goodbye Ichabod Crane | Light Of The Moon | Be Afraid


Now go back to binging your favorite Halloween Movies – Happy haunting!