Environmental Graphic Design: The Key to Telling Your Story!

Contrary to the name Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) it does not involve mother nature or require the use of natural elements to create a design! It’s a combination of interior design, the architecture of the building, and graphic design. Environmental graphic design’s goal is to use its surrounding environment and work to communicate a branded story or message for the viewer to see and resonate with.

Now more than ever, companies are looking to integrate signage with their interior space to make it more visually appealing,not just their customers, but also to their employees. Along with the much talked about culture aspect, environmental graphic design is becoming a great space for companies to grow and tell their story while reinforcing their overall message.

There are many ways to creatively display environmental graphics in your space. Environmental graphics are versatile, cost effective, and bring a ton of personality to any space! Here are a few ideas of ways you can create a uniquely branded space.

Ideas to Brand Your Space

The front lobby is the place where a customers first make their impression of you. Adding, something visual like a wall graphic will be sure to create impact and will carry branding throughout your space to reflect your brands story.

Give your conference room a larger than life makeover. Creating a space that engages your team and customer will set the tone for the meeting.

Displaying your company’s mission and values within your building is a great way to implement a piece of the company culture.

Now’s the time to make that connection and set yourself apart from competition, and engage your audience and employees. Environmental graphics are meant to enhance your space especially when combined with a creative approach and concept. So, what are you waiting for, get creative and tell your brand’s story on the four walls around you!