Preparing Files for Print

Before you prepare your publication, plan ahead for printing. Will you want copying or printing? Do you want black and white, spot color (Pantone colors), or process color (cmyk)? Your answers to these questions affect the way you create color in your file, the size and margins of your page, number of pages, the folds, and more.

Discuss your plan with an Econoprint Service Representative early in the design process. If you have a $500 budget to print and distribute a newsletter, you don’t want to find out at the last moment that you’ve created a $5,000 design. Your Service Representative at Econoprint can suggest ways to keep the design you like and reduce printing costs. Each printing option is not always clear and you may have to make a series of trade-offs before you can reach a decision on how you want to produce your publication. Just call us and we’ll show you how.


Our extensive 8 page brochure helps you plan your print project to keep costs down.

Preparing Files for Print at Econoprint

Using A Microsoft® Product?

This document describes how to create a PDF from Microsoft® products. These steps assume that the full version of Adobe Acrobat® (not just Adobe Reader®) is installed on your PC.

Microsoft® Products & Econoprint