PDF Creation Guide

PDF (Portable Document File) is a relatively new and convenient way to view and send files without the worry of things moving or changing in the transfer process, or the hassle of including fonts and graphics. Unlike native files from programs such as InDesign, Publisher and Quark Xpress, PDF files are very difficult and sometimes impossible to edit. In fact, PDF files were never meant to be edited. If they are set up incorrectly it can cause delays and extra charges if we need to do any work to them. Here are some tips for making a print ready PDF.

PDF Settings

When creating a PDF file for any of Econoprint’s output devices it is important to use the following settings:

Using A Microsoft® Product?

This document describes how to create a PDF from Microsoft® products. These steps assume that the full version of Adobe Acrobat® (not just Adobe Reader®) is installed on your PC.

Microsoft® Products & Econoprint

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