Rebrand Checklist: What You Need To Know by

Rebrand Checklist: What You Need To Know


Now that 2020 is safely in the rearview and we’re all looking forward to some sense of returning normalcy, marketing teams are beginning to plan and execute new campaigns. However, businesses in many industries are being forced to reassess their core competencies and identities in the wake of a changed business landscape.

With new budgets, and perhaps remaining resources from last year’s stalled or cancelled marketing efforts, organizations now have the perfect opportunity to reposition their brands, building a stronger presence in their respective fields.

While It’s no secret that proper branding is key to success, many businesses become complacent and fail to consider how important a rebrand every 7-10 years is in reaching new audiences, responding to evolving markets, and modernizing.

Once your team has determined your organization’s clear post-pandemic path forward, you should strongly consider a comprehensive rebranding effort. There are many factors to consider when crafting your visual impression, but our team has developed the following list of items to update that will help you confidently and efficiently navigate your next rebrand.

Rebrand Checklist

Logo and Tag Line:

Branding Guidelines Brochure


CONSISTENCY is everything. Limit your logo to a few colors, and limit variations to full color, one-color, and reversed versions. Many businesses make the mistake of inconsistent typography. Decide what fonts fit your identity and use them exclusively in your brand communication.


Website/Social Media:

The importance of a integrating your website and your social media accounts with your other branded materials cannot be overstated. If you choose to also use photography, ensure that the photos are similar in composition and style.


Business Cards/ Email Signature/Collateral:

Marketing Collateral











We all have title and contact information that we share with other businesses and clients. It’s important to use high quality material for printing your business cards as well as a high-resolution digital logo to represent your company and your role. Remember, this is how many first impressions are made. Your letterhead and envelopes are no exception when representing your brand. In many cases, by ordering bulk quantities of these items, you can save cost and re-order time.


Marketing Materials:

Although this should go without saying, many organizations forget to update their advertisements and marketing pieces to match their brand. Although you may try many different appeals and styles of marketing to capture specific audiences, your campaigns should complement each other and make sense when grouped.


Office Décor/Vehicles:

The cohesive image your company presents to clients is just as importantly fostered from within. Consider your surroundings – office décor, vehicle wraps, internal forms, uniforms, nametags, and signage. Remember, BE THE BRAND.