Merry & Bright

I love the holidays! My obsession with this warm and cozy time of year starts all the way back in September when the cooler weather moves in. That’s when I start thinking about all the delicious holiday cookies I want to make (and eat) and the quaint handmade gifts I want to (attempt) to make for my neighbors. (I have Pinterest to thank for that.) And before you know it, Thanksgiving has come and gone and it’s time for the decorating extravaganza to begin!

Our holiday decorating tends to start with the tree. We take turns hanging our favorite ornaments while sipping hot chocolate and catching glimpses of the Christmas movies playing in the background. Right now, those movies are Santa Paws and Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You. What can I say, our 6-year-old loves them.


Winter Wonderland Printable


Merry & Bright Printable


Fa La La La Printable


The holidays provide so many opportunities for using interesting design and décor in your home. And this year, there have been so many fun seasonal color trends to try out. And what better way to bring some holiday color into your home than with fun printables for your wall!

If you love decorating for the holidays like I do, you’ll love the fun and festive prints we’ve created to add some cheer to your home this season. All of our FREE HOLIDAY PRINTABLES are easy to download and ready to print and insert into your favorite 8″x 10″ frame. And if you’re a font fanatic like I am, the fonts we used are all easy to find through Adobe Fonts in case you’re looking to create your own little work of art (AdornS Engraved, AdornS Garland, Tuppence, and Brother 1816).

Happy Decorating!

Speaking of the holidays, did you know that Econoprint can create custom holiday cards?! Simply send in your favorite photo, drawing, or idea, and our design team will create a unique card that will have your friends and family talking long into the new year. Contact our sales team to learn more about creating your custom card today!  /contact



Spooky fonts display on a sign

If you’re like me, Halloween is your favorite time of the year! Paper bats adorn the living rooms walls, spiderwebs hang from a mirror above the mantel, lined with festive black candles and eerie Halloween prints. Orange and purple lights illuminate the front of the house. There’s a slight chill in the air … because Halloween is finally here!

Thinking about creating your own spooky designs? Maybe you need to design a marketing promotion for work or the annual Halloween party invite? The number of Halloween fonts online can be a bit … scary … so below I’ve compiled a few of my favorites. I personally like the look of grunge fonts and brush script fonts like Charlietta De Angela and Black Mud – replicating fonts used in authentic spell books. I also enjoy the more traditional Halloween fonts like Skull Story and A Dripping Marker (Is it really marker? Or is it vampire blood?) It’s amazing how fonts can depict a certain mood and feel for your audience. Here’s your chance to have some fun creating eerie designs using these spine-chilling fonts.

Click on the links below to download some insanely spooky fonts for free.

6 Free Spooky Fonts

Barheto Vintage | Charlietta de Angela | Skull Story | Nightmare Pills | Black Mud | A Dripping Marker

Do you have a favorite spooky quote or saying? Maybe a line from Sleepy Hollow or a cult classic like Hocus Pocus? Since everyone seems to be in the Halloween spirit, I decided to have fun with these fonts by creating a few downloadable prints using some of my favorite Halloween quotes. All are sized to 8″ x 10″ and in PDF format – just click, print, frame, hang … and howl at the moon.

Spooky Printables

I Put A Spell On You | Double Double | Trick or Treat | Goodbye Ichabod Crane | Light Of The Moon | Be Afraid


Now go back to binging your favorite Halloween Movies – Happy haunting!




Winter Drink Recipe Cards

As the cooler months approach, and the days are now a little shorter, it’s the perfect time to slow down a bit, unwind, and cozy up by the fire and enjoy the seasonal ambiance. We associate so many different colors and traditions with the upcoming season.
The palette of rich reds, oranges, and yellows have come and soon will go, bringing the wintry blue hues and glittery white snow creating a beautifully designed landscape.

As you reach for your warmest winter hoodie, snuggle up with one of these warm drinks to make this upcoming season even cozier. We’ve picked some of our favorite winter drink recipes and designed cute recipe cards for you to print. These are the perfect addition to a festive plate of holiday cookies or a bottle of wine, for a warm holiday gift for your friend or neighbor.

From rich hot chocolate to mulled wine, we love them all. Pick your favorite! Get the inside scoop behind these delicious drinks and see why they’re at the top of our list. Enjoy!

FREE Printable Winter Drink Recipe Cards!


French Hot Chocolate (non-alcoholic)

French Hot Chocolate Recipe

French hot chocolate, or as the French say chocolat chaud, is a rich, decedent, and molten-like chocolate drink. The perfect recipe to make us feel like we’re living the Paris dream! If you are ever lucky enough to travel there, please devour a delicious chocolate drink for us! Also, be sure to check out these highly suggested hot spots for the best chocolat chaud in town.

Full-Color Recipe Card | Black and White Recipe Card

Spiced Golden Milk (non-alcoholic)

Spiced Golden Milk Recipe

Golden milk is the perfect drink to have in the evening. Try it with or without spice. (We love adding an extra kick.) It’s the perfect nourishing drink to relax with and enjoy the benefits of its soothing properties.

Full-Color Recipe Card | Black and White Recipe Card

Mulled Wine (alcoholic)

Mulled Wine Recipe

Mulled wine (red wine with mulled spices) is a very popular drink at Christmastime, especially throughout Europe. Unfortunately, Europe is more than a couple hours from us, but the Chicago Christmas Market, Christkindlmarket, isn’t! If you want to experience a fantastic Christmas Market with spiced wine and all things German, you should add this to your list of places to visit this holiday season.

Full-Color Recipe Card | Black and White Recipe Card

Hot Buttered Rum (alcoholic)

Hot Buttered Rum Recipe

Hot buttered rum is an old-fashioned cocktail that is creamy, sweet, and will warm you all the way through. There are many versions of this recipe out there, but this one is our favorite. Who doesn’t want ice cream in their drink?! You can read more about the history of hot buttered rum here. This is one drink you have to try.

Full-Colored Recipe Card | Black and White Recipe Card