We are all feeling the uncertainties of the pandemic, but one thing is certain – businesses must adapt. After the roller coaster ride that was 2020, this year will provide opportunities for Madison, WI businesses to get creative with their marketing methods by utilizing new techniques or freshening up tried and true methods. I have included a few of them here to help kick off your business plan, get you ready to engage customers, and increase sales.


How Madison, WI Businesses are Planning to Stay Ahead


  1. Dual Track Planning – Businesses are planning for both virtual and in-person meetings and events, and this is essential for 2021. Today’s marketing plans need to be fluid and capable of pivoting at any given time. Unfortunately, COVID is going to be here for a while, and until we see the numbers drop consistently, businesses need to be prepared for anything.


  1. “Speed (Sales Call) Dating” – One-on-one virtual partner introductions and meetings are here to stay. Many companies are using this prospecting style to meet new contacts, share information, and start a new business relationship. Get used to the idea. I’m sure many people will continue working from home long after COVID is no longer in the spotlight.


  1. Print Marketing – Marketers and nonprofits were getting a much better response from mailed newsletters and appeals in 2020, and many plan to continue this more personalized way of communicating. Sometimes flooding people’s inboxes with emails can be a little impersonal, so for many nonprofits and other businesses a newly designed layout for a newsletter or direct mailer can be the “new” fresh idea.


  1. Brand Refresh – Whether you’re a new business or part of a recent merger, a rebrand can help define a new business model. Companies are changing the way they market their products or services, sell, or reach prospective customers, so it seems fitting that they would also update their brand. Maybe your business is more digitally savvy than it was pre-COVID. If so, this would be a great time to freshen up your brand to better reflect this change. Check out Powderkeg’s web designer Brittany’s take on Web Design Trends for 2021.


As more and more businesses begin to implement additional or new strategic methods, marketers should be ready to adjust their plan at any given moment. The best thing to do is lean on each other, network through conversations, and listen to what other businesses are going through. After all, we’re in this together.