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Direct Mail in 2021


What’s in store for your 2021 direct mail marketing strategy?

For many this is the million-dollar question. 2020 was either a great time to go full speed ahead with direct mail with great success, or it was the exact opposite. It all depended on your pitch and your target audience.

As we continue into the unknown, there is one thing that people are missing more than ever –personal communication. Now’s the time to create or maybe recreate a new version of your current strategy as many businesses search for the best way to reach their consumer.

Here are 3 direct mail easy add-ons for 2021. These steps will help to create engagement every time and make the experience more personal.


  1. Personalize











Make it personal. This is key to making your viewer feel important and connected to your message. It’s more important than ever to engage personally with customers. Make each direct mail piece look as though it was designed specifically for that person! Better yet, use your data to provide different offers or images based on the personal relevant information you have for your customers. This is a great way to test offers and designs!


  1. Target the Right People











Whether your company is B2B or B2C, it’s important to remember that the decision to take action is being made by a singular individual. So, whether you’re targeting households, locations, or businesses with a certain number of employees, determine your ideal persona and your end action goal ahead of time. This will help get you in front of the right audience.


  1. QR Code











Add a custom QR code to your piece. With one scan, you’ll be forwarding recipients to your website, donation page, Google Maps locations, or social media accounts. Plus, in most instances, there’s no need to download an app. Newer devices have a built-in camera that will read the code. This works for both iPhone and Android users.


Not sure what type of direct mail route to take?


Check out our FREE downloadable Guide to Direct Mail. This guide will help you decide which type of mailing is best for you. You’ll have access to direct mail sizes, the new 2021 postage ranges, and USPS delivery goals.


By leveraging these digital, personalized, and targeted enhancements you will be better positioned to make your direct mail more successful in 2021.